Welcome to Covenant Media, the parent company to brands like Mixtape TV, Site Build Studio, Flavory, Vlogger and Only Digital.


What Does Covenant Mean?

Covenant has quite a few meanings that span across numerous contexts including religion, law and marriage. The overall meaning of the word is an agreement, alliance, or promise. In our context and variation, the Covenant means “a solemn promise to excel”

….At any venture, we choose to pursue. Continue reading “About”

Mixtape TV

The idea of Mixtapes.TV is over 3 years old, back in 2007 after building now one of the most popular Hip Hop websites on the web. The Covenant Media wanted to create a sister site that would help to further promote urban music but at the time we didn’t have the technology or the resources to build the website the way we wanted it. The site first started with the name MixtapeCast.com then went on to MixtapePlayer.com to finally Mixtapes.tv, I mean it doesn’t get much better than Mixtapes.tv. There isn’t a shortage of mixtape websites across the web where you can download mixtapes for free but that wasn’t our goal. Continue reading “Mixtape TV”

Site Studio

Site Studio provides tips to bloggers and webmasters to help them improve their websites and make them more profitable.

Through running these different sites I've learned so many things, more than I can remember, I figured it's time to start documenting everything. This is what led to the birth of Site Builder Tips witch then became Site Build Studio, to finally Site Studio – A blog that offers design, development, social media, and marketing tips, reviews, tutorials as well as tools and services to help you become a better webmaster and earning more money. Continue reading “Site Studio”


Flavory is a website builder for restaurants, that enables restaurant owners and operators to deploy utility driven web apps and sales channels to increase orders.

Menus, online orders, delivery are all deployed under your own brand with your website serving as the control center for your entire online restaurant business.

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